Daniel Grey

Resident Artist: South Africa

Daniel Bruce Gray was born and raised in Johannesburg, and after completing high school moved to Cape Town to study a Bachelor of Science with majors in Genetics and Human Physiology at UCT in 2009. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree in late 2011, he worked as a freelance bass player and established a small, creative production studio GRAYMATTER STUDIOS which had a focus on music, video and photography. In 2013 he worked part time for Numeric NGO, which involved running foundational mathematics programs in various high schools in Cape Town. In 2014 he returned to UCT to do complete a teaching qualification (PGCE) and in 2015 ñ 2016 he worked full time as a high school educator teaching grade 8 ñ 12 Mathematics at Claremont High School. He resigned from the teaching post at the end of 2016 to pursue his career as an artist full time, with a focus on interactive sound sculpture, installation and performance. During his time in Cape Town, alongside the above endeavors, he has been an active artist/musician/DJ/record collector ñ collaborating, performing and producing a wide range of work.

As of February 2017 he has been a permanent resident at Greatmore Studios in Woodstock, CT, focussed on a body of work called The Vibrationology Laboratory, an interactive sound sculpture project, utilizing scrapped metal, springs and rudimentary electronics to create immersive, experiential and sense driven spaces.

Attached Images from: Dr Mshini's Labratory (2017) - details from an interactive sound installation. Scrap metal, springs, wood, contact microphones.

Link to: Fantasmagoria (2014) - A collaborative audiovisual album