Jody Brand

Resident Artist: South Africa

Born and raised in Cape Town, Jody Brand studied History and Media at UCT with the intention of becoming a journalist. Predominantly photographing her friends, Jodyís pictures offer a raw and unflinching look into South Africaís youth culture.

Jody Brand is a photographer/art director living in Cape Town who captures images of curious street and club culture, which she publishes on her blog Chomma (a slang term meaning friend). Jody is currently the production manager for performance/visual artist Athi-Patra Ruga and is also an editor for the South African art group CUSS.

Her video work has been shown at the Stevenson gallery and at La GaÓtÈ Lyrique in Paris, while she recently held her first photography exhibition at Kalashnikovv gallery in Johannesburg.

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