Jill Trappler

Resident Artist: SA



Jill Trappler was born in Benoni in 1957 in the Gauteng Province. She completed her tertiary training with Bill Ainslie at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and completed three years of a fine arts degree through UNISA.

Jill experimented with various craft forms, taking weaving as a medium of choice. Her heart is with paint, colour and the physicality of moving materials on a 2 D surface. She is an artist who consistently explores different modes of non-representational art in a variety of media. Her work is rarely literal; she works with poetry, music, metaphor and with associations that emerge years after the visual stimulus is registered.

Jill initiated the weaving employment project at Philani Nutrition Clinics, Crossroads and Khayelitsha, including design, drawing and colour workshops, story writing and various crafts.  She combined this with lecturing part-time at the University of Cape Town and various studios, including a teaching program at the South African National gallery, Valkenburg hospital and other studios where she interacts with other artists as a participant, facilitator or teacher.

Jill has been involved in the Thupelo Workshop Project, the Bag Factory and Greatmore Street Studio projects. She has worked in various collections and continues to exhibit in group and solo exhibitions.

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